The best way to Put Music on the PSP

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Are you attempting to put music on the PSP? It may be hard to do in case you don’t know how. Here’s the simple answer in five steps which are easy.

The following is a simple way to take all of the music on the pc of yours and put it on the PSP. Just follow the measures and also you are going to be on the path to the joys of listening to all the music you would like on your new PSP.

1. You are going to need a PSP video converter or cd ripper. This tends to allow your PSP to play video clips and music. It actually is pretty cool that your PSP is ready to do this.

2. You will need to convert music to mp3s so you load your cd ripper of choice and draw out the data.

3. In order to go cd to PSP MP3, use a psp video converter, stuff the files by clicking add button.

4. Highlight the paperwork and pick PSP Audio Format.

5. How to put music on the PSP? Just Connect your psp to the pc of yours and copy the mp3s to the H drive on your PSP.

There you’ve it. You might want to try out just one song the first time you do it and then change the remainder over when you know exactly how to do it. Enjoy downloading your favorite music to your PSP so you can get it off the computer of yours and listen on the go!

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